4 Tips for Safe Traveling Alone

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4 Traveling Tips for Safe Traveling Alone

4 Tips for Safe Traveling Alone

For some people , traveling alone is very interesting because it can be free and adventurous spirit hone . But before deciding on the streets alone , you should follow the following safety tips 4 .

Reporting from the Huffington Post , Thursday ( 10/10/2013 ) these 4 tips on safe Traveling alone :

1 . Wear flat shoes

Usually on foot so the most frequently performed activity if Traveling alone . To be agile moves , you should use comfortable shoes . For women , we recommend using the flat shoes and avoid high heels .

By using flat shoes , you can be more comfortable in the movement at any time if you have to move quickly to a safe place . In addition , the feet are also protected from excessive fatigue due to pressure from high heels .

2 . Do not be tempted to get drunk

Being in a foreign place that requires each person to increase alertness , especially if you go alone . Do not be tempted to call another person an alcoholic beverage
Consuming alcohol can make you lose consciousness . Worse , sometimes we do not know what that is mixed into the drink . If it gets to that stage , you can not realize what was happening . This is clearly dangerous .

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