Batu Night Spectacular

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Batu Night Spectacular


One place that must dikunjunggi family recreation by tourists while on vacation in the city of Malang , namely BNS ( Batu Night Spectacular ) . BNS is located in Batu , Malang . Precisely at Highway 200 Oro – Oro Ombo , Batu , Malang . This recreation area dikunjunggi by many tourists both domestic and foreign tourists , especially during the holidays arrive . Then visitors will flood the tourist sites .

The cost of entry fees is relatively affordable travel at $ 15,000 , – per person plus parking fee of Rp 2,000 , – to Rp 5.000 , – . Unfortunately , for visitors are prohibited from bringing food and drinks from outside the area to tour Batu Night Spectacular ( BNS ) .

There are dozens of rides that you can not forget once enjoyed as a gallery of ghosts, slalom test , the highest air bike , garden lanterns , and trampoline . In these places you can also test your adrenaline by trying a few rides like a drag race , the mouse coaster , and some other games .

Many vehicles are exclusively reserved for the children such as kids zone consisting of 25 kinds . In addition to a variety of exciting rides , unique BNS also supported a very strategic location in the highlands . From the sights tonight you can enjoy the natural scenery surrounding the city of Malang and more perfect . Sparkling lights in the evening Malang kongkow atmosphere will accompany you in some cafes are available there . Batu Night Spectacular ( BNS ) also prepare some unique rides that loss that is passed as garden lanterns , ghost gallery , cinema four dimensions , the longest go kart circuit , a 50-meter screen in the food court area , and dancing fountains .

After enjoying a variety of rides provided in the area of ​​3 thousand square meters , please you to the night market . Its area is not just peddling a variety of needs and typical souvenirs . However , it is also a variety of other needs . At the end of the night market , there are hundreds of seats are reserved for visitors lined up at the food court area . There are plenty of drinks and food menu options in this area . Just choose a cold or hot drink . As soon as the food . Many menus that can be selected according to taste .

Pleasure in the food court not only food or drink on the menu . But the dish is also given when visitors enjoy the food and drinks . In the midst of enjoying the meal , BNS management will present a show time . There is a stage musical that presents the latest music . No less interesting , when this show was serving time dancing fountain ( water fountain dancing ) .

The concentration of visitors on food and drinks guaranteed dispersed . Fountains dance accompanied by colorful lights game was able to force the visitor ‘s eyes fixed on the water canting . This fountain looks pretty good at dancing to the song rebound . Of instrumental songs , pop rock , dangdut Mix .

Satisfied to see the fountains dance , visitors are treated to performances outer journey ( circumferential outer space ) through a laser show on a giant screen . Performing the outer journey gives sensation for visitors . With a screen 50 feet above us, the visitors seemed to be invited around the space . Sometimes too , we were surprised by helicopter animation as we walk on .


Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular

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